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Welcome to Habchi Aouad Habka (HAH) official website. This website was created in order keep all HAH family members updated to all news, projects and events of the League. Websites are primary necessity in social and business life, as a fast, cheap and efficient mean for communication in between local and members abroad. For this reason, HAH has created a bi-language website (English and Arabic) to achieve its objectives and remove all boundaries in between its members.

This website is available and open to all, individuals, youth, elders, women, families and communities related to Deir el Ahmar... For more than 10 years, whenever anyone might ask: "Why doesn't someone do something?", well, HAH League is already doing…

Are you from Deir el Ahmar, are you an HAH member? Do you need help? Do you have any comments and/or suggestions? Are you a potential donor, volunteer or prospective member? Are you simply interested in finding out more about your family and town? This site has been structured to help you find the information or help that you need as quickly as possible.

For more information how one can make a difference, first apply, then have a look at the Duties and Responsibilities, then check all news and social activities in Events and Projects, see your Family Tree, then to get more information about the League… once the HAH Administration approves you as a member, log in (using the Username and Password that you have previously added in your online application) and go to My Account and interact.

Keep visiting our website on a regular basis and update your profile, check the Board minutes of meeting, monitor your account, participate by voting, search for members, check the ICE contacts, give your feedback and comments and view the Social Pages…